As many of you know, every morning in the Ashram at 7.30 (UK time) we are collectively chanting the Mrityunjaya Mantra 27 times (see text below) followed by a Meditation given by one of the Ashram Team.

Here is a recording of that Mantra chanted 27 times, followed by a ‘Metta’ meditation to reflecting the subject of Compassion to all, given by Swami SatyaDaya.

Yoga and the Healing Power of Nature

an article by Swami SatyaDaya

Nestled on top of a large hill, with spectacular views over the valley to the Beacon Beacons, connection to nature is a fundamental part of the experience of visiting Mandala Yoga Ashram. Aside from the formal yoga practices offered, the beauty, silence and stillness of the nature found here is a key reason why so many people return time and time again. Most of us are living high paced lives with so many demands in both our work and home environments. This is why time in nature can be so valuable; it allows us to move out of the state of constant doing into a space where we are able to simply be.