Maha Sattwa – a Guided Meditation on the Koshas

…. from the recent course that she and Swami Nishchalananda gave on ‘Pancha Kosha’. The five koshas, (layers or sheaths), are a model of understanding, a paradigm, of human beings. In this guided meditation Maha Sattwa encourages an exploration of the first three koshas*.

Starting from the most physical of the layers, the anna-maya kosha, Maha Sattwa invites us to appreciate what an astonishing vehicle this human body is.

The next layer, the prana-maya kosha is explored through the clear link between breath and prana; the way in to an appreciation of this kosha is through the flow of the breath. Aspects of breath awareness, and observing the connection between prana and vitality, are explored.

The third layer is the mana-maya kosha and involves the nature of the mind and thoughts.

*You can find a complete explanation of this paradigm of the 5 koshas in the book ‘The Edge of Infinity’, written by Swami Nishchalananda and available from the ashram online bookshop on the main website (see menu at the top of this page).

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