Please help us grow Yoga…..

A post by Narada / Tony Sugden

‘Please help us grow Yoga in this Land of Ours’ – An appeal
from our Zambian Yoga Group.

We have lost the use of our Yoga Hall.
Those of you who read my previous post (Mandala branch in Africa) know that I established a Yoga group in Eastern Province, Zambia. Well the group is thriving; Swamiji refers to them as ‘our African Branch’. But the Lodge where they worked, and where we used to do our Yoga, is in great difficulty because of the lack of visitors due to Covid, so not only have my friends lost their meagre income, but they have lost the use of the hall where we practised.

So we are building our own!

Here’s a video… already they’ve started building the foundations:

This is an appeal, by me personally (Narada) for help with funds. 

The appeal, although it is my personal project, has the full backing of Swami Nishchalananda, and Mandala Yoga Ashram.

We need:
Money: I have to get £2500 for materials. Any donation is so much appreciated. The account details are at the bottom of this post. 
Yoga Blocks and yoga trousers: If you have any old (but good) yoga blocks and yoga trousers that you can spare, please post them to me at the Ashram (address below). The ashram has donated the (rather expensive) cost of postage of the blocks and trousers to Zambia.

If you follow the ashram Facebook, keep an eye on that… we only need 30 blocks so we’ll tell you how we’re doing, and when we’ve hit the target.

Our sisters and brothers live in the poorest part of the world. It is difficult for us here to imagine the level of poverty and hardship they put up with. But they have taken to Yoga like ducks to water.

Please help us. Thank you so much.

If you want any more information about the project, or how you can help, you can email me at

Donations are easiest through bank transfer (please email me as above, for bank details),
or by using PayPal on my charitable website

All funds are transferred for the project. As with my charity Ulingana, I take no admin or travel costs.

For posting blocks and trousers, please send to:
Mandala Yoga Ashram
SA19 8NR

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