Discourse on Ishavasya Upanishad

A commentary on the Ishavasya Upanishad by Swami Nishchalananda on Friday 28th of August. This was Swamiji’s usual Friday evening online get-together with people from Europe and the UK, organised by Mandala Yoga Ashram.

This Upanishad starts with the Shanti Path (Invocation of Peace), Om Purnamadaha – for a translation and to hear this wonderful chant, here’s a link to a post on this blog from earlier in the year.

Then the first verse goes immediately into a profound statement:
‘All this , whatever moves in the Universe, is indwelt by Isha’ which is explained by Swamiji to mean ‘Everything in the Universe is permeated with Consciousness’.

It continues, ‘Therefore knowing this, enjoy what Is, but with the attitude of joyful renunciation…. ‘ . You need to listen to Swamiji’s commentary on this statement; it’s quite remarkable that the text advises to enjoy everything because of the fact that it is infused with consciousness. The caveat is not to hold onto such enjoyment. As Swamiji says, If you expect to be able to repeat experiences of enjoyment, the expectation is the problem, not the experience. Realistically, we cannot hold onto anything in that way.

Please enjoy this recording, reproduced in entirety and edited only for noise removal (the Zoom transmissions can suffer from poor connections sometimes).

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