Life in the Ashram: Raj interviewed.

An interview with Raj Soni, by Narada

The new header picture on the blog (not this post), taken just this morning down the track, shows the Autumnal foggy mornings we get here, up on top of our Welsh hilltop. Quite beautiful, spectrally still with sheep wraiths floating out of the mist; the mist which is really clouds come down around our ears like a damp winter muffler.

Dramatically different then from a couple of weeks ago when I interviewed Raj, in the late summer sun; we started well, surrounded by the beautiful orange lilies down by the pond, then the heat suggested we move under the shade of the venerable Oak who has watched our remarkable Ashram grow from Swami Nishchalananda’s dream and a few old farm buildings into what it is today… a Yoga, Tantra, Advaita centre to inspire, cajole, entice one to go deeper in the practice of unfolding ones birthright, one’s full potential.

Raj and I had a lot of fun, shared inspiration, doing the interview. I hope that you will also enjoy and be inspired.

Film music: ‘Haven’ and ‘étude 17’ written and produced by Tony Sugden / Narada

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  1. lovely contemporary interview on “life in the ashram by Raj Soni’, able to whats app to the youth with joy! full of gratitude


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