The Process of Spiritual life

The Process of Spiritual life, it’s really just a process of more and more identifying with this Conscious Presence….. the fact that we are Conscious

An online satsang given by Swami Nishchalananda to participants worldwide, 31 July 2020

Even if a sense is cut off you can still perceive through the subtle medium of that sense. This is the basis of using the senses inwards, just think of what happens in dreaming. But from the perspective of Conscious Presence what is outside is outside but also what we considered to be inside, mind emotions and feelings, they are also outside. 

This is the mystery, if we go deeper, that nothing is outside of consciousness.

To restate, in practice everything is outside of conscious presence and yet the mystery is when you go deeper then everything is within conscious presence. This is probably the most fundamental paradox in spirituality.

Swami Nishchalananda

 When we practice, whatever we practice, that feeling we have, that sense of joy, it’s actually nothing but Conscious Presence becoming evident to our identification.

After the guided meditation / reflection, there are questions to Swamiji including one about empathy and the fact that we become more sensitive as we practice any spiritual practice.

A question about COVID-19 led Swamiji to comment that even the Buddha said  that there has always been suffering yet he never explained his thinking as to why that should be. Swamiji’s observation was that we should not look to the world for meaning. And of course real peace is only inside and if we look for that then at least we can emanate some of that peace.

Then a question about the role of conscience. Swamiji’s observation was that conscience as a driver to change, when we know we have done something that doesn’t feel right, is obviously a good thing. The trouble is conscience can get mixed up with guilt which is not at all healthy, quite the opposite. 

An important point was made about sleep during Yoga Nidra and relaxation and meditation, that we should not feel bad and try to fight it. Swamiji’s full reply is on the recording but he stressed the importance of being gentle with ourselves if we are tired. We will still benefit even if we sleep during yoga nidra. 

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