An interview with Michael McCann (Spandan)

‘Michael McCann is Ireland’s preeminent Yoga Philosophy Teacher. A profound presence with his wise and heart-felt teachings. He has inspired so many with his limitless wisdom.’

Saol Beo, Ireland

Michael McCann (Spandan) lives in Ireland and has been a friend and close associate of the ashram from the eighties, where “I was blessed to absorb the timeless teaching of Swami Nishchalananda”.    

He has assisted Swamiji with the editing of “The Edge of Infinity” and “Insight into Reality” and has written many articles on all aspects of Yoga.  Also he has taught Yoga all over Ireland, and has been heavily involved in teacher-training, where his speciality is Yoga Wisdom. 

Michael has an abiding love of the perennial wisdom of Yoga “Sanatana Dharma”. His teaching is eclectic, seeking to forge connections with the great spiritual and literary traditions and contemporary thought.  

Currently chairperson of the Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland, Michael has recently set up a Facebook page, “The Yoga Well” for transmitting Yoga wisdom and organising satsangs.

Michael was interviewed not so long ago, by Tara O’Rourke of Saol Beo Holistic Therapies and Training, Dublin, and we would like to thank Tara for sharing this recording with us.            

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