Satsang and Q&A with Swamiji, 10 July 2020

The last of the Friday morning Web-based Q&A sessions (they are moving to Friday evenings) started as usual with a guided meditation on the Chakras to develop awareness the ‘spaciousness from which everything arises’.

The satsang responded to questions from participants in the UK and Europe, and one of the biggest issues naturally, is the dramatic changes brought about by the ‘lockdown’ in many countries around the World. Swami Nishchalananda raised the issue of honesty; saying there is so much potential now that the World could be destroyed by people with power; it’s crucial that we look for honesty both in ourselves, and in those to whom we give political power.

On Spiritual Practice, Swamiji observed that every one of us participating in the event has had moments of deep peace, and that experience has been the ‘carrot’ that makes us continue on the spiritual path.

and more on spiritual practice…

When we’re sitting quietly in our practice, then it’s a time not to make judgements. In our daily life we do make judgements; that’s the way life is set up.

He went on to explain that when we sit to do practice, when thoughts and feelings come up into the mind, it’s best just to see them there without making judgements.

Watch the recorded event >>>>> HERE

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