July 3rd Webinar with Swamiji

Our regular weekly Web-based satsang with Swamiji on Fridays, hosted by the ashram, with guests from around Europe and the UK.

This week the Guided Meditation started with the chant ‘OM Purnamadaha’ and reflections on its profound meaning.

Questions and answers followed such as the difference between Chidakasha and Chitakasha, and the space of meditation whether behind or in front of closed eyes.

A question very relevant to current times looked at the difficulty some of us have in feeling compassion for those who abuse wealth and the power. Swamiji suggested that there is a two part process; first it’s useless to rail against ‘what is’, but second, if you want to make change you have to make your voice heard, and to act.

Let us try and sweeten up our little corner of the planet by caring for others

Swami Nishchalananda

Please click on the link to that Webinar >>>>> HERE

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