Webinar with Swamiji, 5th June

This was a Zoom transmission organised by Mandala Yoga Ashram, giving not just the Ashram residents but about 50 people around Europe the opportunity to join with Swami Nishchalananda. He gave a long reflective guided meditation, then a question and answer session…..

…. here’s a taster of some of the questions and extracts from Swamiji’s answers

Q: Do you see Spiritual significance in this pandemic?

Swamiji: ‘There’s so much power in the World, in all respects, but we don’t have any Wisdom…. we need to bring more wisdom onto the planet so we don’t misuse this power to destroy the planet and destroy ourselves….. We have the technology and know-how to bring in a holistic way of supporting all the people on the planet but we’re not, we’re poisoning the planet’

Q: Systemic racism is being exposed by the killing of George Floyd and others. I’m beginning to see how patterns of superiority and inferiority are replicated in spiritual communities.

Swamiji: Maybe it’s a reminder for us to look into ourselves and see if we have a sense of superiority. If we do, this is an ego trip, to think you are superior to anyone else…. from a spiritual direction there is no such thing as superiority and inferiority’…..

From a Yogic point of view,

every creature is holy,

has a spiritual dimension

Swami Nishchalananda

…..’Remember, if you are in a position of power whether it’s an institution or you’re in a family, this power over others is given to you by Grace’

There were several more questions…

…… including one about our perceived need for ‘Discipline’ in our practice by always getting up early every morning to do our Sadhana, which elicited the delightful response that we can certainly be more gentle on ourselves! If we need to get more sleep, that’s fine. There will be times when we’re energised to get up early too. Discipline has it’s place but so does kindness to our body.

The most important thing is not that you’re doing your practice in the morning. It is more that you are open to Life and its gifts.

Swami Nishchalananda

Click here for the recorded video

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